Thoughts on Bewafaa Sii Wafaa Promo| Samir Soni, Dipannita Sharma, Yudhishtar, Aditi Vasudev

The first thought that came to my mind as I heard of the plot-line of this show a couple of weeks/months back was KANK…remember? Yep, the infamous Karan Johar production that was released about a decade ago and was a debacle from the word go.

KANK tanked and KJo, got a shit ton of brickbats to even dare to make a movie which had SRK, the man who is the romantic hero idolized by so many; not just across our country but world, playing the part of the husband who was not faithful to the vows of holy matrimony.

A marriage is the sacred most institution in our Indian culture, even now daily soaps SELL the idea of a perfect couple via the comparisons and talks of couples from mythology. Even if those couples sometimes didn’t enjoy a blissful matrimonial life or couldn’t even end up together, they are considered to be the benchmarks, we should aspire to be.

Something that to be quite honest, never really made sense to me.

And while infidelity in today’s world is so common, so out there, that LOYALTY is a rarity, our society still would like to believe that we don’t live in the age of Tinder, a time when it is easy to succumb to temptation and live out your wildest fantasies.

Samir is lucky to be not saddled with a stereotypical image like SRK, but he is still playing arole similar to his, and sadly society isn’t quite as progressive even now, even after a decade of KANK has passed on seamlessly.

So will this tale of a pair of infidels be accepted even now? That’s the main question.





Thoughts on Boygiri Full Length Promo

What do Masti, Kya Kool Hai Hum and Boygiri have in common? They are all about some not so grown up boys who believe that they’re men. As I watched the promo of this webseries, the similarity of the theme was striking; the execution however is from the looks of it vastly different. While Masti and KKHH, not KJo’s, πŸ˜†πŸ˜† relied on two or three guys and their adventures, boygiri is doubling or tripling the number up. As the name and poster suggests, the show is about the misadventures of these six men who will always be boys. Had KKHH (again not KJo’s πŸ˜†πŸ€£) and the likes been not produced by Balaji before I am certain a few TRP aunties would have had a heart attack seeing them drop all things sanskaari πŸ˜œπŸ˜‚ but thankfully the movie outings with Tushar and Riteish have immunised them and hopefully prepared them mentally. Cause with no restrictions of prime time, neither the censorship applied by channels on TV, this Balaji baby is gonna have a lot more than condoms, lingerie to discuss, the mere mention of which on #YHM were both scandalous and risquΓ© even as they made you smile lasciviously πŸ˜‰When Karan Patel’s Raman spouted some classic innuendos with a straight face giggles erupted with sheer delight as it was just so refreshingly new and bold to watch a man talk candidly, NORMALLY even as he had to stay within a certain range on TV… Boygiri would have to toe a line perhaps harder than KP. For they would need to remember there’s a very fine line between saucy and vulgar… and a slight misstep can make all the difference.

Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat | Ram Kapoor & Sakshi Tanwar



If like me you grew up in India in the nineties and came into your teens in the early years of the new millennium; there are chances that you had your first brush with your developing carnal side at the sight of a bare-chested Milind Soman, emerging from that box in Made In India, because oh la la 😍, have felt weirdly heartbroken for no reason listening to Shaan’s Tanha Dil and of course had the tunes of Balaji shows drilled into your mind through your ears. Cause no matter what there was just no escaping the world or Balaji; you would be asked to keep your racket down playing with your friends by your friendly neighbourhood aunties and even your mommies and everything you never asked was unloaded on your naive little mind as you were lectured on the current plights of poor Parvati and what fresh hell was one Mr. Jai Walia facing tonight…. Those faces and names invariably became a part of dinner table conversations and so much more… until eventually they faded away and found new names and identities.
Cut to around, the beginning of this decade when those faces returned with new names – Jai was Ram and Parvati, Priya. The casting coup that was literally the pair no one had imagined happening.
The rest as they say is history.
And history is repeating itself as now those faces take on new names. Those faces need no introduction; and neither does their chemistry. As they come together once again, they don’t have to compete with others but outdo themselves. And it’s there that the real challenge lies. Ram and Priya eclipsed Jai and Parvati, but will their new alter egos, carve a niche of their own or be overshadowed and crumble under the weight of the expectations that their previous outing has hyped. PS – is it me or does Ram look thinner and Saakshi younger in the promo?

Beauty And The Beast


Image result for beauty and the beastAs a child I longed for nothing more than to grow up and as an adult I long for my childhood more than anything else. Back then in a simpler time and a (technically and graphically) more primitive age, Disney, Warner Bros, Looney Tunes, Hanna Barbara were more than just just simple 2d sketches moving on screen, they were magic and laughter and fun. They were an experience that words cannot define. Today as I saw one of those beloved tales however come to “life”, it turned out to be nothing like I had hoped for and dreamed. And as I try to understand why that is so, when the tale is as it is, my head replies that it happens when you hope for things while my heart just says this is what being a grownup feels….. the magic your younger self could find in a couple of inanimate characters and make believe tales, is not the way the world functions as you now know the distinction between fictional and real.

Rustic Delights – Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage

Image result for yeh moh moh ke dhaage serial facebook

Set in the backdrop of Kutch/Ahmedabad Gujarat, the tale of Mukhi and Aru has begun on @sonytvofficial The tale of a 42 year old man and a 21 year old girl. 6 episodes in and I believe it is a beauty. There are no larger than life characters here; however there are characters who want to live life large. Aru, a headstrong 21 year old girl, based in Ahmedabad is a multitasking maverick who wants to be the next Ambani. Her feet on ground she has her sights set on the sky; yet the climb is a hard one and roadblocks are inevitable. She’s trying to make a life big enough for her parents and one of her young heart’s many desires is to buy a house for her family; one where her mother has access to a window as she cooks and her father can blissfully soak in some Vitamin D, as he reads his newspaper with a cup of tea. There’s a sister who is kinda lame as per me, but you can’t like everybody. And then there’s Mukhi, the head of his village, honored by the president of India, for his commendable work towards his own village in Kutch, Gujarat, with a few enemies on home turf as well. At 42 years, he’s a man wise and patient who wishes to marry off his youngest sister, the last of 4 siblings whom he has raised as a daughter and affectionately calls her “Dhingli.” (A Doll). The sister who’s the apple of his eyes has one wish to make before she settles down and leaves her brother behind to make her life with a man picked by her family in USA, to see her brother married to a lady who would take care off him. Thus meet Aru and Mukhi, she the matchmaker who’s Herculean task is to find a bride for the reluctant groom. Barely able to stand each other when around yet, subconsciously starting to respect each other’s thoughts and ideologies; this May December pairing seems a delight.

Thoughts on The Test Case Promo


If you have followed me long enough, then you probably know my penchant for the unusual and out of the ordinary. Yes I am guilty of watching #YHM even now but guilty pleasures are good for the soul πŸ˜†also you might now be aware of my knack to review almost anything that I do like and wish to talk about, which brings us to the picture in question here. Based on the landmark decision that women be included in the Indian army in combat by President Pranab Mukherjee, The Test Case is the subject for a show/movie/webseries that you would have never expected to happen, least of all it coming from the house of Balaji, because duh … precisely what makes it noticeable and out of the box, in a league of its own. I wouldn’t lie ever since I have learned of @ektaravikapoor launching @altbalaji I’ve been quite kicked up about it because as much as her shows have the power to drive you nuts, there’s no denying that this woman here has managed to carve a niche, and so her foray into a medium in its nascent stages in India is quite something alright. Love her or hate her, there’s no denying her Czarina status. And watching the very first full length promo featuring @nimratofficial@atulkulkarni_official @rahuldevofficial and @iamjuhichawla which sure as hell a knockout, it’s official Ms. Kapoor means business and is capable of much more than saas bahu sagas she is known for on prime time TV. I dunno what else is Ms. Kapoor holding up her sleeves, but if this is any indication of the things to come I’m sure she’s gonna rule the roost and add another feather to her cap definitely. Wishing all the luck to the team at @altbalaji and @ektaravikapoor for her latest venture and @nimratofficial I have to say this, you are absolutely phenomenal in the promo.

Thoughts on the promo of Hindi Medium

File:Hindi Medium Poster.jpg

As a culture, we’ve always been obsessed with showing off from what I understand. In the days of kings and monarchs, it was about how rich and prosperous one was and rarely about how just, fair and popular as a ruler. We invented the concept of dowry to display our wealth rather than ensure that our daughters were educated and secured in their marriages for the person that she is and later, our land fell into slavery that lasted 200 years – literally 2 entire centuries and we became one of the poorest countries from one of the richest. The country that was once called Sone ki chidya, the golden bird… was NOT golden anymore… and so the idea to impose supremacy and status was transferred from the show of assets to showing off the understanding of a language, one not even our very own but that of our oppressors and unjust rulers. The idea to LEARN a new language wasn’t about knowledge and education anymore but status. The British left us some 60+ years ago but sadly, we didn’t bid farewell to the mentality that came to be ingrained within us, that whoever knew their language and could speak their tongue, held some god given supremacy. As I watched the trailer of this Irffan Khan and Saba Qamar starrer, the first and foremost thought that came to me was, why is it not a matter of pride anymore to be versed in the language of one’s own country? Why is it so shameful to be literate, albeit not in a language that’s not understood universally as long as it is in your own homeland, your own country?Β