Thoughts on Romil and Jugal Promo.

Years ago, when Dostana, the Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham and Priyanka Chopra KJo production released in India, the taboo subject of homosexuality found it’s exposure to conversations in the country – between families, friends and sometimes even complete strangers.

The movie was a blockbuster but it dealt with the subject in a manner that provoked humour more than lending gravity to the seriousness of the subject; homosexuals were shown in other movies following Dostana, however not always was the treatment sensitive; more often than not they were the comic relief which I believe is stereotyping these amazing people by branding them and categorising them all as similar.

Sometimes the subject was handled beautifully but didn’t garner the appreciation and attention it deserved, like in the case of Aligarh, the Manoj Bajpayee Rajkumar Rao starrer based on a real character last year.

Television, however so far has mostly shied away from dealing with homosexuality, except for a few notable instances like Star Plus’s former show Maryada and Sony’s Yudh. However that’s not enough, cause sadly those shows didn’t click with the audiences, despite having a stalwart like Amitabh Bachchan starring in Yudh unfortunately.

Hence watching the promo of Romil and Juggal, which rather than poking fun at the two boys in love, is lending sensitivety to  the budding romance between them is sheer delight.

The chemistry between the two boys is quite sweet and cute to watch as are their plights hilarious, the struggles that they have trying to deal with their warring parents, the various girls who are attracted to them. But above all, the conflicts within their own relationship, beginning with the acceptance that has to come from Romil about accepting his own sexuality or later on, coming out as they are to their near and dear ones is the interesting part. Hoping to find their love gains  acceptance and understanding; that they’re the people who these people have always known and loved, nothing changes about them once they discover that they’re two boys in love… with each other.


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