Thoughts on The Test Case Promo


If you have followed me long enough, then you probably know my penchant for the unusual and out of the ordinary. Yes I am guilty of watching #YHM even now but guilty pleasures are good for the soul 😆also you might now be aware of my knack to review almost anything that I do like and wish to talk about, which brings us to the picture in question here. Based on the landmark decision that women be included in the Indian army in combat by President Pranab Mukherjee, The Test Case is the subject for a show/movie/webseries that you would have never expected to happen, least of all it coming from the house of Balaji, because duh … precisely what makes it noticeable and out of the box, in a league of its own. I wouldn’t lie ever since I have learned of @ektaravikapoor launching @altbalaji I’ve been quite kicked up about it because as much as her shows have the power to drive you nuts, there’s no denying that this woman here has managed to carve a niche, and so her foray into a medium in its nascent stages in India is quite something alright. Love her or hate her, there’s no denying her Czarina status. And watching the very first full length promo featuring @nimratofficial@atulkulkarni_official @rahuldevofficial and @iamjuhichawla which sure as hell a knockout, it’s official Ms. Kapoor means business and is capable of much more than saas bahu sagas she is known for on prime time TV. I dunno what else is Ms. Kapoor holding up her sleeves, but if this is any indication of the things to come I’m sure she’s gonna rule the roost and add another feather to her cap definitely. Wishing all the luck to the team at @altbalaji and @ektaravikapoor for her latest venture and @nimratofficial I have to say this, you are absolutely phenomenal in the promo.


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