Thoughts on the promo of Hindi Medium

File:Hindi Medium Poster.jpg

As a culture, we’ve always been obsessed with showing off from what I understand. In the days of kings and monarchs, it was about how rich and prosperous one was and rarely about how just, fair and popular as a ruler. We invented the concept of dowry to display our wealth rather than ensure that our daughters were educated and secured in their marriages for the person that she is and later, our land fell into slavery that lasted 200 years – literally 2 entire centuries and we became one of the poorest countries from one of the richest. The country that was once called Sone ki chidya, the golden bird… was NOT golden anymore… and so the idea to impose supremacy and status was transferred from the show of assets to showing off the understanding of a language, one not even our very own but that of our oppressors and unjust rulers. The idea to LEARN a new language wasn’t about knowledge and education anymore but status. The British left us some 60+ years ago but sadly, we didn’t bid farewell to the mentality that came to be ingrained within us, that whoever knew their language and could speak their tongue, held some god given supremacy. As I watched the trailer of this Irffan Khan and Saba Qamar starrer, the first and foremost thought that came to me was, why is it not a matter of pride anymore to be versed in the language of one’s own country? Why is it so shameful to be literate, albeit not in a language that’s not understood universally as long as it is in your own homeland, your own country? 


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