Thoughts on Boygiri Full Length Promo

What do Masti, Kya Kool Hai Hum and Boygiri have in common? They are all about some not so grown up boys who believe that they’re men. As I watched the promo of this webseries, the similarity of the theme was striking; the execution however is from the looks of it vastly different. While Masti and KKHH, not KJo’s, 😆😆 relied on two or three guys and their adventures, boygiri is doubling or tripling the number up. As the name and poster suggests, the show is about the misadventures of these six men who will always be boys. Had KKHH (again not KJo’s 😆🤣) and the likes been not produced by Balaji before I am certain a few TRP aunties would have had a heart attack seeing them drop all things sanskaari 😜😂 but thankfully the movie outings with Tushar and Riteish have immunised them and hopefully prepared them mentally. Cause with no restrictions of prime time, neither the censorship applied by channels on TV, this Balaji baby is gonna have a lot more than condoms, lingerie to discuss, the mere mention of which on #YHM were both scandalous and risqué even as they made you smile lasciviously 😉When Karan Patel’s Raman spouted some classic innuendos with a straight face giggles erupted with sheer delight as it was just so refreshingly new and bold to watch a man talk candidly, NORMALLY even as he had to stay within a certain range on TV… Boygiri would have to toe a line perhaps harder than KP. For they would need to remember there’s a very fine line between saucy and vulgar… and a slight misstep can make all the difference.


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