Rustic Delights – Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage

Image result for yeh moh moh ke dhaage serial facebook

Set in the backdrop of Kutch/Ahmedabad Gujarat, the tale of Mukhi and Aru has begun on @sonytvofficial The tale of a 42 year old man and a 21 year old girl. 6 episodes in and I believe it is a beauty. There are no larger than life characters here; however there are characters who want to live life large. Aru, a headstrong 21 year old girl, based in Ahmedabad is a multitasking maverick who wants to be the next Ambani. Her feet on ground she has her sights set on the sky; yet the climb is a hard one and roadblocks are inevitable. She’s trying to make a life big enough for her parents and one of her young heart’s many desires is to buy a house for her family; one where her mother has access to a window as she cooks and her father can blissfully soak in some Vitamin D, as he reads his newspaper with a cup of tea. There’s a sister who is kinda lame as per me, but you can’t like everybody. And then there’s Mukhi, the head of his village, honored by the president of India, for his commendable work towards his own village in Kutch, Gujarat, with a few enemies on home turf as well. At 42 years, he’s a man wise and patient who wishes to marry off his youngest sister, the last of 4 siblings whom he has raised as a daughter and affectionately calls her “Dhingli.” (A Doll). The sister who’s the apple of his eyes has one wish to make before she settles down and leaves her brother behind to make her life with a man picked by her family in USA, to see her brother married to a lady who would take care off him. Thus meet Aru and Mukhi, she the matchmaker who’s Herculean task is to find a bride for the reluctant groom. Barely able to stand each other when around yet, subconsciously starting to respect each other’s thoughts and ideologies; this May December pairing seems a delight.


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