Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat | Ram Kapoor & Sakshi Tanwar



If like me you grew up in India in the nineties and came into your teens in the early years of the new millennium; there are chances that you had your first brush with your developing carnal side at the sight of a bare-chested Milind Soman, emerging from that box in Made In India, because oh la la šŸ˜, have felt weirdly heartbroken for no reason listening to Shaan’s Tanha Dil and of course had the tunes of Balaji shows drilled into your mind through your ears. Cause no matter what there was just no escaping the world or Balaji; you would be asked to keep your racket down playing with your friends by your friendly neighbourhood aunties and even your mommies and everything you never asked was unloaded on your naive little mind as you were lectured on the current plights of poor Parvati and what fresh hell was one Mr. Jai Walia facing tonight…. Those faces and names invariably became a part of dinner table conversations and so much more… until eventually they faded away and found new names and identities.
Cut to around, the beginning of this decade when those faces returned with new names – Jai was Ram and Parvati, Priya. The casting coup that was literally the pair no one had imagined happening.
The rest as they say is history.
And history is repeating itself as now those faces take on new names. Those faces need no introduction; and neither does their chemistry. As they come together once again, they don’t have to compete with others but outdo themselves. And it’s there that the real challenge lies. Ram and Priya eclipsed Jai and Parvati, but will their new alter egos, carve a niche of their own or be overshadowed and crumble under the weight of the expectations that their previous outing has hyped. PS – is it me or does Ram look thinner and Saakshi younger in the promo?


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