Beauty And The Beast


Image result for beauty and the beastAs a child I longed for nothing more than to grow up and as an adult I long for my childhood more than anything else. Back then in a simpler time and a (technically and graphically) more primitive age, Disney, Warner Bros, Looney Tunes, Hanna Barbara were more than just just simple 2d sketches moving on screen, they were magic and laughter and fun. They were an experience that words cannot define. Today as I saw one of those beloved tales however come to “life”, it turned out to be nothing like I had hoped for and dreamed. And as I try to understand why that is so, when the tale is as it is, my head replies that it happens when you hope for things while my heart just says this is what being a grownup feels….. the magic your younger self could find in a couple of inanimate characters and make believe tales, is not the way the world functions as you now know the distinction between fictional and real.



    • Thanks for the link and I agree, I’d love to watch Disney make some originals than revive classics too.


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