Dangal Review

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After a rough couple of days, one needs a little break from life and everything else. Decided to watch this immensely brilliant movie and it was worth it. As always, Mr. Khan knocks it out of the park and the rest of the cast is brilliant too. This is not an over the top story, neither is the end unknown practically; however this is a wonderful movie. It doesn’t preach, neither does it try to jump onboard the feminist movement, it simply is the story of a father who realised the potential of his daughters and in that understood that he doesn’t necessarily need sons to carry on a legacy or to have hopes and aspirations for. He can very well value his daughters just the same as any son he might have had and simply nurture them and stand with them. This is not a film that proves the star power of Aamir Khan, this is simply a brilliant tale wherein Mr. Khan becomes unrecognisable, for the man you see is a father who is strict and loving, heartbroken and caring; and the journey of his daughters who he mentors and guides, due to which #Dangal becomes more richer. As someone who rarely enjoys a sports movie unless it’s well made, this one was a class apart, take a bow Mr. Khan for you’ve done it again. Cheers


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